Monday, March 20, 2017

Path of Exile Game Review 2017

The starting point of adventures in the game is the continent of Wraeclast. There are different playable classes of characters in the game, and these players – for some reason or another – are thrown out of their homelands. As these players wander here and there to find a new life for themselves, they also have to face different challenges, and they need to kill monsters and hunt zombies.

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Free to Play

Treat for game lovers, Path of Exile is free to play. There are different upgrades as well as cosmetic effects that you can avail if you keep on playing the game and keep on continuously defeating the enemies. With the help of these cosmetic effects, you can make your characters, as well as their weapons, glow. The expansion in the item storage is more than ever and it’s really a wonderful thing because you can keep plenty of items at the same time. Because of the complex skill system, the company could have easily monetized the store, but it hasn’t.


There are seven different classes in the game, and all these classes have different properties and characteristics. For instance, my favorite is a duelist – a dexterous – class. The other classes include witches, marauders, long-range specialists, Templars, and assassins. Whatever class you choose in the game, you will have to play according to the perspective of that class. For instance, if you choose the dexterous dualist class, you will have short trips where you will have to fight duels. On the other hand, if you choose a magic class, you will have detours where you will have to yield the magical properties.

Interconnectedness of Classes

The most interesting thing in the game is that most of the classes are not isolated from one another, instead, they are interconnected. As you move forward in the plots, you can see the progressive trails of your character and get satisfaction. However, the most impressionistic effect you get is on the battlefield. Every bonus that you get in the game keeps on increasing your dexterity, and you become more and more powerful. To create different recepies, this guide can be used.

Building Guides

Path of Exile is also a very creative game because of the building capacities that you can use to modify your character. One thing is certain that you never get bored in the game because it is overflowing with many groups – each group with a different idea and different building strategies. Once you are bored of your own building process, you can explore in the communities how other players are using latest techniques to modify their characters. There are also community races which are an effective way of judging your strength as well as to enjoy disparate adventures. These days gamers spend most of their time infront of their consoles or computers, they almost neglect their health, but gamers should take care of their health, for running Flipbelt can be used as you can put different items in it, for discounts you can use coupons.


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