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GBWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 4.91

GBWhatsApp v4.91 APK Download 2016 [Dual Whatsapp - GBWhatsapp]

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GBWhatsapp Apk [Dual Whatsapp] Download 2016 Latest Version of GbWhatsapp : GBWhatsapp is a most trending topic on the internet. Today we share GBWhatsapp 4.91, GBWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp 4.91, GBWhatsapp Latest version download for android. GBWhatsapp 4.91 is the world best and most used communication app for android device. It is a new messaging application that can be used by android and smartphone users for sending videos, files, instance messages to your friends, family and group. Most of the android mobile users install GBWhatsapp apk to send messages. Most of People finding many tricks to run multiple WhatsApp accounts in a single android device. There are many application available for run multiple WhatsApp accounts like GBWhatsapp, whatsmapp solo, OG WhatsApp, 2 line for WhatsApp, disa app, and parallel space multi account. 

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GBWhatsapp [Dual Whatsapp] is the latest version of the official Whatsapp apk and you can use two Whatsapp (Dual Whatsapp) in a single android device at the same time. Whatsapp restrain to use one WhatsApp account for a single android device to send messages. It does not allow to use two WhatsApp accounts in single android device There are many mod of WhatsApp apk available on the internet but the GBWhatsapp is one of the best mod of Whatsapp because It has best and comes with some advanced features. All some advanced features of GBWhatsapp makes best messaging app. This apk has been developed to allow you to use two WhatsApp accounts in a single android device and send messages as well as calls to your friends and family.  

Most of the people have an android smartphone with dual sim and everyone have installed WhatsApp on your android device. If you want to use to two WhatsApp account in a single android device at the same time, This app is best for you to use two WhatsApp account in one android device. It comes with many new features like hiding your status, your last seen, second tick and many more new features. Using this app you can send instance message and calls effortlessly. It is very simple and easy to use and install the latest version of Whatsapp. We provide a direct download link of this app for any android device. There are many version of this available in the android market and the latest version of GBWhatsApp v4.91 available in this website.

Whatsapp becomes a trend to chat with friends and family. GBWhatsapp apk free worldwide growing most explosively and most popular in recent time. You can use this GBWhatsapp Apk messages app for free to your all contacts list with new and advanced features. Whatsapp is a most popular, encrypted, proprietary cross-platform and instant messaging app for android device. Whatsapp is founded in 2009 and initially released in January 2010 by two person Brian Acton and Jan Koum who work combine 20 years at yahoo. Whatsapp based in mountain view, United states, California was acquired by facebook on 2014. This application available on many platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows phone, Symbian. 85% of younger generation is used WhatsApp on their android device on a regular basis. Whatsapp required an internet connection to send a text message, images, videos, documents, audio, audio messages, and user location to your friends, family, and WhatsApp groups. People are now a day become a WhatsApp addicted. At February 2016 WhatsApp apk had a user one billion. Whatsapp officially available for PC through Whatsapp Web client in 2015 made by Jan koum.

GBWhatApp APK Download For Android

GBWhatsapp is known to grab the attention of smartphone users to across all over the world. The popularity of Whatsapp apk is very fast increasing day by day but It is most powerful and better than OG WhatsApp and WhatsApp. You can easily use this app in your non-rooted or rooted an android device. Whatsapp plus was another one of the best mod of WhatsApp by ralfanse for android device. Ralfanse was the first modder of WhatsApp. The latest version of this app comes with awesome and some advanced features. In this article, we are going to share some latest features of GBWhatsapp and you can use this app on your android device without any issues. You can always get the latest version of this app with new and advance features from this website.

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If you find GBWhatsApp apk for iPhone then you disappointed for iPhone GbWhatsApp is not available on the internet Some of the best and advance features of this app is listed below. If you want to permanently delete your GbWhatsApp then it also deletes your WhatsApp account with your all messages, call details and groups. Download Latest version of this app and use some advance features in your android device. GBWhatsApp apk is best and perfect app if you want to use two WhatsApp accounts on the single android device and you no need to pay any charge for use this app. Using this mod you can easily customize according to your choice and you can install custom themes in this app.  

Some Question comes in Mind
  • Can we use two WhatsApp account in the android single device ?
  • Can we use WhatsApp dual sim ?
  • Can we use multiple WhatsApp in a single android device ?
  • Can we have dual WhatsApp account ?

What is GBWhatsapp Apk ?

  • GBWhatsapp is the moddest version of Whatsapp for android.
  • This app does not require the rooted android device.
  • GBWhatsapp is used to have two WhatsApp account.

Features of GBWhatApp Latest Version 

  • Update 2.16.13 to 4.91
  • Share PDF & Document
  • No issue of ban your WhatsApp account Ban proof. 
  • Privacy Options available
  • You can send a broadcast to 600 people instead of 250.
  • Distinguish between massive message and regular messages.
  • Support calls
  • Develope the lock Watts password
  • Privacy mods like hide second tick and much more.
  • Sending video size Limit increased to 30 MB instead of 16 MB, Now you can share any big video file with your friends, family and groups. 
  • Choose and apply your favorite theme from inbuilt theme store. 
  • Sending 90 images instead of 10 at once without any issue.
  • Hide your last seen in one click
  • Counter statistics available for groups 
  • View videos without loading and download, advanced and better than WhatsApp apk
  • Add 250 characters instead of 139 characters in your WhatsApp status
  • Hide the date and name when two or more copies
  • If you want to open any link, your friend posted in status you can easily access this link in a one click without typing it.  
  • Change the form of the program, and change the program notification and icon
  • Easily distinguishing between broadcast message and normal message.
  • Encrypted all calls and messages
  • Easily change the app notification and icon from setting option.
  • Translate the from any language messages
  • Zoom in and zoom out profile image
  • Easily copying your friend status.
  • Alter outgoing calls in call display.
  • Hide contact profile pictures
  • You can copy bulk SMS without showing name and date.
  • Fix bubble possibility now working.
  • Fix to open the lock when a reply alerts.
  • Fix video cut problem.
  • Copy the phone number of the other profile
  • You can add a lock on your WhatsApp without any third party application.
  • Support calls available.
  • Nearly 110+ language supports.
  • Install GBWhatsapp with original WhatsApp without clashing.
  • Mod to stay online 24 hours.
  • possibility to vary again button in dialog display header.
  • Share video, songs and streaming links. 
  • Possibility to alter bubbles type in dialog screen.
  • Fix various bugs while sending videos.
  • For lollipop customer, a choice to standing bar color for the main screen. 
  • Ability to copy selected text of WhatsApp.
  • Ability to copy case.
  • fix any other problem.
  • Preview contact pic in conversation screen by tapping on it.
  • Create your own theme and submit to GBWhatsapp.
  • Change color of your screen background.
And many more features available in GBWhatsapp you can download and install the latest version of GBWhatsapp from direct download link and enjoy it's all available features.

Reasons to Use GBWhatsapp APK

For Use this app you do not need to pay any fee or an additional charge to use this app for sending instance message and making calls. You can send a message to your friend, family, and WhatsApp groups. You can use this app on any type of internet connection like WI-FI, 2G, 3G or 4G on your android device. You can send any type of images, pdf files, kinds of music, large videos, voice messages, contact details and much more.

How to Install GBWhatsapp in Your Android Device

Downloading and installing the latest version of Gb WhatsApp is very easy and simple steps. There are many types of operating system available on market like iPhone, Android, Black Barry, Windows Phone and Symbian device. All operating system has different methods to download and install GBWhatsapp Apk. How to install the latest version of GBWhatsapp APK on your android device just follow below step by step process. 
  • First, step to Download GBWhatsapp 4.91 apk from below direct download link. 

          Download GBWhatsapp 4.91 APK

  • Uninstall any older version of GBWhatsapp
  • After that go to setting app in your android device and go to secutity option, you will see Unknown source tick on it.

  • Now Install the GBWhatsapp on your android device and open it will ask you to accept theie terms and conditions click on Agree and continue.

  • After agree terms and condition you need to enter your mobile number and verify your mobile number via OTP (One Time Password) code like below screen shot.

  • Enter your name and upload your favourite profile picture and click on next button.
  • After that GBWhatsapp is full ready to use in your ANDROID device.

Final Words :

So Friends Downlaod latest version of gbwhatsapp for your android device and enjoy with all availble advanced feature. You can easily download and install in your android device by following this article. If you have any issue while downloading this app then commend below. I hope you like it. Keep visiting for more tricks.
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